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CruisePlus Compass

When we think of a traditional compass, we think of the tool that adventurers use in charting new paths as they explore new lands and make new discoveries. With that in mind, what better name to call our travel blog than the CruisePlus Compass; helping to guide you on your own journeys and to act as your travel companion with invaluable advice about the world we live in. Your adventure awaits!

13 Sep

Accessible Cruising

Your Guide to Ship, Port, Ocean and River Cruising Accessibilities The cruise industry is growing rapidly and due to its ease of access and all-inclusive nature, it attracts people from across the globe. Travellers with limited or no mobility are no exception to the crowds of people who cruise every year. Almost all of the world’s major cruise lines are making every effort to make the incredible holidays they provide an accessible reality for everyone. This is part of what makes a cruise vacation an ideal way to travel for those facing...

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17 Aug

Travel North America

North America is a land of beautiful landscapes, iconic cities and adventure around every corner offering a perfect blend of natural beauty and man-made achievements in one unique package. If you're the type to chase after wilderness on your holidays, you’ll easily find a forest of towering trees to immerse yourself in, hikes to the top of many mountains or journey to sun-drenched deserts. There’s no limit to the terrain and climate offered throughout the continent and is definitely deserving of one or more visits to see its natural wonders. ...

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1 Aug

13 Amazing Facts About The Galapagos

The Galapagos islands are well known to be a true “bucket list” destination, and people come from all corners of the globe enjoy these pristine islands. The islands boast incredibly diverse marine and land wildlife that simply cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. Pair that with the natural unspoiled beauty of these islands and it's a destination that's hard to beat. It’s no wonder why Charles Darwin was so fascinated by this collection of volcanic islands and its diverse inhabitants. Visiting the Galapagos feels much like stepping into...

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25 Jul

CruisePlus Guide to Etiquette at Sea

It's finally time to unwind aboard your favourite ship and sail off to one of the many exotic locations on your bucket list. You've waited so patiently for this opportunity to recharge your batteries and really enjoy yourself for a few days or more. A first-time cruiser might not know that there are a few subtle niceties that will improve not only your own trip but other travellers as well. While the vast majority of cruisers are very considerate, it is possible to run into a rotten apple spoiling everyone...

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18 Jul

6 Ways G Adventures Practices Ethical and Responsible Tourism

Since the company's creation in 1990 by founder Bruce Poon Tip, G adventures has always led the way in creating ethical and sustainable travel and tourism. The travel industry can often have an incredible impact on world communities, big or small, and whether that impact is positive or negative is highly dependent on choices made by both the traveller and touring company. G Adventures have pioneered a handful of initiatives that contribute positively to the many destinations they visit around the globe. The consensus at G Adventures is that the...

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10 Jul

Some Do’s and Do Not’s When Packing For a Cruise

It’s always a good idea to be prepared for as much as you can in life and being prepared for travel is no exception, especially when packing for your hard-earned vacation. Just about everyone tends to forget an item or two when packing in a rush for an upcoming journey, but there are just some items important enough to double check the bag to make sure you have and some that should really be left at home. Cruise lines are known for making every effort to have your onboard experience...

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4 Jul

6 Reasons to Travel ASAP

There are as many reasons to travel as there are exotic locations around the globe.  Some travel to learn and grow while others travel to escape the mundane, create new friendships and find adventure at every opportunity. Travel is often looked at as the key to happiness and an opportunity to change yourself for the better, but don’t just take our word for it, countless philosophers and travellers throughout history will tell you the same. It was the travel writer and novelist Paul Theroux who said, “You go away for a...

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19 Jun

Avoiding Seasickness

It’s a first-time cruisers biggest fear, finding themselves stuck on a ship for days or weeks at a time feeling sick to their stomach due to the ocean's waves causing the ship to rock back and forth. Even some seasoned cruisers can find themselves a bit seasick from time to time, so no one is immune.  There’s no doubt getting symptoms of nausea, dizziness or even vomiting is the opposite of what you had envisioned for your hard earned vacation. So how does one avoid or overcome this unfortunate, often...

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13 Jun

Top Tips For Better Vacation Photos

We all want those perfect vacation photos, those photos that are not only incredible memories but give us bragging rights. It used to be that you had to have expensive, complicated and cumbersome camera equipment to really nail the shot. Nowadays everyone can be a pretty great photographer. We all have smartphones and devices with some fairly high-quality cameras ready for the action. In this article, we’re going to cover a few tips that will give you the competitive advantage when taking snapshots of those memorable moments.  The Equipment It is no...

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11 Jun

Are You Missing The Best Offers?

Email can sometimes be a bit tricky, it’s hard to know if the important information is going in the right place or getting stuck in a folder with ads from places you never shop. Let’s make sure you receive all the best emails from CruisePlus. How do we do that? It’s as simple as adding us to your safe sender list. A safe sender list or whitelist is a list of email addresses that you want to receive an email from. In addition, if you find an email from in...

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