Here are some updates from this week…

Hi everyone!  We are still hanging in here, thanks for being here with us!

I have not been updating regularly because the situation is evolving continuously and sometimes it feels like if we wait a minute the information will change. Here’s a bit of a snapshot of some of what we are seeing in the world of travel.

As you are aware, the Canadian Government is maintaining its ask of no non-essential travel, and the testing, quarantine, and hotel requirements upon flying into Canada are still in place with no end in sight.  Although there is no official word yet on “vaccine passports” requirements, it seems a likely path in the future – just my opinion.  (See more below)  Many travel suppliers are now asking that all guests be vaccinated, and some recently have changed the wording to indicate “fully vaccinated” as the emergence of the practice of one-shot with a longer wait for the second shot has become common.

On the business side, we are seeing the re-emergence of travel, as travel suppliers see the light at the end of the tunnel and are banking on the vaccine making a huge difference in consumer confidence. Here is some of what that looks like:

  • WestJet has recently announced the re-opening of domestic routes both in Eastern and Western Canada, with the anticipation of summer demand.
  • Celebrity is returning to service, with an announcement about the Caribbean and home-porting in the Bahamas. Celebrity is also returning to service in Europe in June.  Interestingly, they have done some testing of their new protocols and tell us they are getting even better reviews than they were before the pause.
  • Crystal opened up to booking in the Caribbean, home-porting in the Bahamas, and had a record booking day.
  • Both Disney and Cunard have announced domestic UK cruises for summer.
  • Direct flights to St. Lucia have been announced from Dallas, NYC, and New Jersey for this summer.
  • The CDC is holding fast to a November 1st date for resumption of cruising from US ports.

In general, travel is selling very well for 2022.  At CruisePlus we are noticing that the hot tickets are longer…long stays, long cruises, and long tours.  Some clients are booking 3 cruises or tours in a row, with higher-end staterooms and resort accommodations selling first.

Canadians are also traveling closer to home in many cases.  Ask us – there is so much to do here, from visiting the beaches of Vancouver Island, a wine tour in the Okanagan, or a trip on Rocky Mountaineer!  As Canada opens up, this country has spectacular areas to share, so we are hopeful that will happen soon.  

As always, we take our lead from our government so we are not advising any travel at this time.  However, if you want to travel in late 2021 or into 2022, we advise you do not wait to book.  Ask one of our professional Travel Advisors about your best options, pay attention to penalty dates and insurance…and plan!

Many of our clients have received that message, and our office is busy – thank you!  Now we are all just waiting for travel to resume…

Regarding vaccine passports:  The proof of vaccination that some of you now have is very important.  It is recommended that you make a copy and keep it in a safe place, consider laminating the original copy, and getting a digital copy that you keep in at least 2 places.  Having an easily accessible record of vaccinations may be your passport to future travel!

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