If European cities were a necklace, Prague would be a diamond among the pearls

Be Inspired - Explore Prague

Finding yourself in Prague with time to spare is quite the blessing. The regions rich history has created a city of iconic architecture and incredible beauty that can be found nowhere else. This city was once the location for a powerful empire ruled by Charles IV and has played an instrumental role in Europe for centuries. Whether it’s before after or in the middle of your CruisePlus vacation, Prague is a must-see destination.  Due to its reliance on tourism, all the must-see attractions favor foot traffic, making it perfect for cruisers. Here are our favorite attractions when visiting this enchanting city.

The Charles Bridge

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The first thing we recommend to everyone visiting Prague is to walk across the Charles Bridge. You’ll take in awe-inspiring views any time of day. We recommend taking in the views once in the morning and once at night as during the evening you’ll enjoy the sweet sounds of street musicians accompanying your view. Don’t forget to climb the tower for a bird’s eye view of the city iconic scape.

Old Town Square

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Prague’s Old Town Square is another must see due to its incredible 14th-century gothic buildings. When visiting the Squares Old Town Hall Tower its hard not to notice the beautiful Astronomical clock adorning its walls. Well worth the small fee, an elevator is available to reach the top of the tower offering yet another spectacular view of the cityscape.

The Beer Museum

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Prague is well known to have a love affair with beer and if you share that passion this is the place for you. There is no shortage of opportunities to relax and have a beer, so take all the time you need to find a place with a nice view to enjoy at least one of Czech’s famous cold beverages It’s well worth it and won’t cost an arm or a leg either! You can even find an entire museum dedicated to beer!

A Museum for Everyone

Speaking of museums and art galleries Prague has no shortage of them. There is such a wide variety available that you can find galleries and museums dedicated to things like Lego, Steve Jobs/Apple, The KGB, Communism, beer and even miniatures. One would need a year or more to appreciate them all but if there’s a niche you’re after you’ll likely find it here.

Karlsejn Castle

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Of course, This list wouldn’t be complete without suggesting that you visit Karlstejn Castle. Located a 40-minute trip out of Prague but worth it if you’re not in a rush. Built in 1348, The castle was originally meant to safeguard emperor Charles IV’s collection of relics and jewels. A guided tour will take you through the historic interiors of the place while a more premium tour will guide you through the most luxurious and impressive rooms of the castle.

I would say we have only scratched the surface of what Prague offers but I don’t think we’ve even covered that. Non the less these are our must see and do activities in this captivating destination. Whether your itinerary involves Prague or not, make sure when you book with CruisePlus that you ask one of our travel experts about activities on your vacation.  Call us for a quote on your travel getaway today at 1-800-854-9664

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