Here are some updates from this week…

Hi, everyone!  We hope you are all doing well!

Here’s a quick update about what we are seeing and of what CP is up to these days!

As you are likely very aware, travel has become much more difficult for Canadians at least in the short term.  The hope is that Covid-19 will be kicked hard and that as vaccines flow and summer approaches, maybe life will be a bit more normal.  There was a small amount of travel happening previous to this last announcement, but it has now died right down.  At CP, we don’t have any clients out of the country right now, and we are grateful that everyone is home, and hopefully safe.

What we are seeing:

We’ve been busy!  Our team has sometimes been at max speed since the beginning of the year!  Most bookings are for mid-2021 or later and that’s a little tough because we don’t get paid until travel, but we are so happy to be working on the fun stuff again!   The hot departures right now are in 2022.  This is especially true on the cruise front, and means that we don’t expect to see price drops for 2022 – in fact, travel companies tell us that availability could be an issue, so I recommend booking something now if you have your eye on it. I just looked at a Hawaii cruise for April 2022 and the verandahs are sold out, at 2 long voyages in 2023 and they are almost sold out, so  I’d extend that recommendation into 2023 if you have your eye on a longer cruise or a river cruise. It also looks like Canadian destinations may be a hot ticket for the fall, here’s to hoping at least Canada can open up for us! Bottom line – book now, ask us about the best value, and be aware of refundable vs. non-refundable fares.

On the CruisePlus front – we are smaller but still mighty, now a team of 17.  You will see that most of the faces that have been here for a long time are still with us, and Dave and I are so grateful that we have such a great group of people working with us as we try to get through this.  We have been very busy curating special offers for our clients and some of the values that we have are extraordinary.  Ask us about late-season Alaska… Keep your eye on these emails, and please share with friends!

We have also been updating our phone technology, as well as some of our internal technology to help us serve you better.  We are still working on updating all of our messages on phones and will be done very soon…so if you hear a different voice on a message, don’t worry, it’s still us!

Best wishes to you all – be safe, and start getting your travel plans in place for when that doesn’t have to be said anymore!  Brighter days are ahead….  😊

Shelley, Dave, and the CruisePlus Team

PS – We have had news of some travel agencies closing recently.  The travel business is not one of the hardest hit, it is the hardest hit and it’s sad to see so many people leaving the industry.  It’s also leaving customers without a home – so if you have friends that need an agency, please remember us!  We are so grateful for the referrals that come our way..thank you!

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