Here are some updates from this week…

Hi, everyone!  Here are just a few items to try to keep you in the loop….

Today  (Monday, Feb 15th) marks the day that you must present a negative Covid–19 test at the land border.  You may also present a positive Covid-19 test result in a specific time frame, and of course, there are exceptions for essential workers.

February 22nd marks the day that the federal quarantine program will come into place.

If you were to travel right now, you may have difficulty returning to home just because of the lack of availability of flights.  The airlines continue to suffer extreme loss, and have reduced routes, resulting in a general difficulty in moving around.  The airlines and government are in talks at this time, and it is our sincere hope that they come to an arrangement and find a way to protect and include the travel agency community and other sectors of the economy that are effectively being forced not to operate due to Covid-19.

Someone last week asked why we were marketing – so just a comment regarding that.  We are not recommending anyone travel at this time.  However, we are certainly recommending that you book, if you desire to do so, for a future date.  We are also recommending that you book refundable rates.  This is not for our benefit, as we would be able to guarantee some future income if you booked a non-refundable rate – but we really don’t advise it at this time because the future is still up in the air.  All of this is happening in an environment of really strong demand for 2022 and 2023 in the cruise industry – especially for long -duration itineraries and in verandah and higher category staterooms – that could result in a lack of availability if you wait to book.  We have already experienced nearly a full year of deferred travel, and that looks likely to continue for some time…so we do recommend you book now, watch government advisories, and assess whether or not to stay the course prior to penalties being incurred.  Insurance is also going to be essential.  

In the same vein, we are seeing tour bookings start to pick up for 2022 and 2023, so it seems to be about a lot of people getting sick of sitting on the sidelines and making plans that they hope will come to fruition.

Some interesting news regarding the Alaska cruise season, 2021…some of the cruise lines have not taken any action to cancel cruises yet.  It remains to be seen if this is because there are conversations happening in the background and still some hope, or if they are delayed as they make plans.  If the season is canceled permanently, there is concern that it will impact the ability of Alaska cruising to recover as so many of the businesses involved in creating the overall experience are small and may not be there when cruising returns.

Overall, for me, this feels like a time where we are in converging currents in the ocean  - one current of public protection, rightly – and the other of hope that vaccines and treatments will prevail and turn this situation around, with timing all out of our control.  Hope springs eternal.

Until we can travel, best wishes to you and stay safe, everyone!

Our office hours are 8 – 5 weekdays in Nanaimo, 8 - 4 Saturdays as well, and in Qualicum Beach 9 - 5 Monday to Wednesday.

We look forward to assisting you!

Shelley, Dave and the CruisePlus Team

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