The experienced cruiser knows that its best practice to get to the embarkation city a day before the ship departs and might even be fun to take another day after the cruise before flying home. If your cruise is departing from Fort Lauderdale I have to tell you, my friend, you’re in luck! So many cruises depart from this port and it's often overlooked just how much there is to do and see in this wonderful city. Below we’re going to cover our top things to do before and after your cruise in Fort Lauderdale.

Las Olas Boulevard

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Any traveler in Fort Lauderdale will easily find their way to Las Olas Boulevard. It can be found right in the heart of the city and offers an incredible selection of art galleries, restaurants, café’s bars and fashion boutiques. Incredible architecture is found throughout the area creating a truly unique shopping and dining district.

Fort Lauderdale Beach

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If for some reason you just haven’t had enough white sandy beach and sparkling blue waters, Fort Lauderdale beach is the perfect way to spend that little extra time before or after your cruise.  Get that base tan going or put the finishing touches on the one you’ve been working on. It’s an easy walk from a good number of hotels, dining options, and activities. Definitely worth a visit.

Everglades Park

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In the mood for adventure? The well-known Everglades Holiday Park is just outside of Fort Lauderdale and Miami. They will navigate you through the Everglades on an airboat to get you up close and personal with Florida’s exotic wildlife, of course, this includes gators! If ever there were a great photo op to show your friends back home, this is it.

Antique Car Museum

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If you’re looking to taste a little bit of Americana and history the Antique car museum is the perfect way to do so. This non – profit museum is dedicated to preserving a legacy developed by Packard Motor co., as well as displaying the progression of American engineering skill. The museum itself is actually a reproduction of a 1920 Packard Motor co showroom. It's an interesting place to visit especially if you’re into Americana and finely detailed roadsters.

Water Taxi's

If you can’t wait to get on the water, try a water taxi. The bright yellow boats float along Fort Lauderdale’s waterways giving passengers a unique perspective of the yachting capital of the world. These water taxies will not only deliver you to some of the best places to see and eat in the city but they will also bring tour you around millionaires row giving guests inside information of what celebrity lives where. The tickets are good for 12 hours so you have the freedom to hop on and off as you please. It’s certainly a fun way to spend a day.


Let’s say you’re not ready to get on the water or you’ve had enough after your cruise, but you still want to see the sights and explore this fascinating city. Once again, you’re in luck there are tour companies that will lead you around by a variety of methods. Most notably would be a Segway tour. Typically, only a few hours long but a ton of fun, you’ll ride along the historic Riverwalk learning about the deluxe yachts and mansions along the route. As a final fun alternative to the typical tour, you can opt for sightseeing in style with a party bike tour. These tours are an hour long and don’t include food or drink. This is a non-alcoholic party bike so it’s great for families.

There you have it. Our top things to do while in Fort Lauderdale before or after your cruise. Of course, we’ve only scratched the surface. The next time you book your cruise vacation with CruisePlus ask your travel consultant about activities in your embarkation city. 1-800-854-9664.

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