We hope you are well!

If you are in the lower part of BC or AB, you may well be covered in smoke.  Our gorgeous coastline has virtually disappeared into the haze and many of us are trying to avoid being outdoors.  Yuck!  We can’t wait for this to be over and feel so much for our neighbours to the south that are dealing with the actual fires.

CruisePlus Heads Up!

Do you have an FCC?  Don’t forget to use them by the book by date – for many this is December 31, 2020!

Covid – 19 has changed things.  When you see our ads and emails right now, offers are all or almost all based on refundable fares.  That’s what feels like the right thing to do, but there are some fares out there that may be better.  If you are open to any pay-in-full promotions, or non-refundable fares, please ask, our professional travel advisors are experts at this!

For instance, with Holland America Line some of our exclusives and combinability are the best we’ve seen in a very long time.  It all depends on what fare you choose.  For example:  Use your FCC if you have one, save 20% on shore excursions (AK & EU cruises only) + Book with Confidence (ability to cancel easily) + Early Pay Incentives (Pay In Full and receive 10% off) = could be an amazing value if it fits for you.  

Travel is heating up for 2021.  Most travel suppliers have great promotions right now, so please ask us!

Here are a few updates for today…

Travel Insurance is more important than ever, and a variety of travel suppliers are including some insurance when you purchase….but there is a BUT.  Please be careful; as travellers, we may hear the word “insurance” and assume we are ok…it’s important to scrutinize the level of coverage. Much of what is being included does not provide enough coverage for us to be comfortable on your behalf.  Travel insurance providers, whose main business is insurance and who are working on Covid – 19 coverage as well, tend to have more robust policies.

Celebrity Cruises has extended its pause for both the Eclipse and Solstice thru December 31, 2020.  Royal Caribbean has also extended its pause for Australia – New Zealand cruises for the same time frame, and for sailings on the Spectrum of the Seas, which is in China, through October 31, 2020.

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