CruisePlus Update - April 6th

Here are some updates from this week…

Hi everyone!  We hope you had a wonderful Easter, and if you were able to see some family, even if outdoors…YAY!  

Here’s some of what we have our eyes on this week.

American Airlines is offering quarantine-free travel from NYC to Milan and Rome.  I have not seen a date of operation as of yet,  but a negative Covid-19 test will be required prior to boarding and another upon arrival, and then no quarantine will be required.  There is no word on how vaccines will play into this.  

Air Canada and Transat have called off their merger.

And the writing is on the wall…

Delta Airlines is going to offer more flights to Iceland starting in May.  Iceland has waived quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated visitors from the US…not sure where Canadians stand at this time.

Norwegian Cruise Holdings, of which Norwegian Cruise Lines, Regent Seven Seas, and Oceania Cruises are all part – has submitted their resumption of service plan to the CDC.  It includes a requirement to be fully vaccinated a minimum of 2 weeks prior to embarkation, and applies to all guests, regardless of age.  This of course means that many younger people will be unable to travel on these lines as they are currently ineligible for vaccination.

The CDC has relaxed guidelines for travel for fully vaccinated individuals, who will not be required to quarantine unless their destination requires it.  For international travel, they require a Covid-19 test 3 – 5 days after arrival in the US, but no mandatory quarantine.

The CDC has updated language around a return to cruising, but has not given a date of return to US ports.  There has been no movement from the Canadian Government about opening Canadian ports either.  Some cruise lines have begun home-porting elsewhere.

Delta Airlines will begin filling middle seats on flights starting on May 1st…though there was some of that happening in the last few days because of flight cancellations.

Happy dreaming, until we can say happy travels again!

Shelley, Dave and the CruisePlus Team