Here are some updates from this week…

Greetings from beautiful Nanaimo, where we are enjoying a lovely fall day.  With fall in the air, many of us are longing for our winter vacations that are likely to be just a dream this year.  As this virus situation continues to wreak havoc, please continue to be safe.

Here are some updates from this week…

First off – Canada has extended the obligation to self-quarantine through October 31st.  I’d love to see us have access to rapid testing that would allow us to avoid this measure.  We are still under an avoid all non-essential travel advisory.

Regent Seven Seas 2023 World Cruise sold out in record time.  Time to start looking to 2024!  Do your research and tentative planning now so that you are ready when bookings open.  This is a hot ticket.

We will know more later this week…will the CDC’s no sail order slide out to sea September 30th?  If the ban is lifted, we could see sailings by November.  There is a huge amount of planning and moving of staff, training, and other logistics so launch dates will likely vary greatly.

In the air….

Will this be the new standard?  Consumer safety and confidence is what will get travel back, so perhaps this is it.

Hawaiian Airlines has announced that they are partnering to provide drive-thru rapid Covid-19 tests prior to departures at some US mainland gateways.  A negative test will allow arriving guests to avoid quarantine and get to the beach.

United Airlines is also providing rapid Covid-19 tests for travelers heading to Hawaii and departing from San Francisco.

WestJet announced included enhanced Covid-19 insurance and that it applies to US destinations….as with all insurance, know your stuff!

ASTA survey indicates that if the pandemic ended tomorrow, 46% say the large purchase they would make would be travel.  We can’t wait!

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