We are travel experts...and it shows!

What does that take, to be experts, you ask?  

Well, for us, we start with really great people, throw in a lot of training, support and experience and the customer service side is born. Add in a dose of Dave and Shelley and the entrepreneurial, “let’s chase a dream” side starts to come into play.  Why can’t we be an award-winning, highly productive agency located in the village of Lantzville, BC (we are now located in Nanaimo and Qualicum Beach), we asked? We’ve succeeded and have been “Making Travel Great Since 1998”.

What does this look like in action?  

We are a team! No one works on commission and our members can assist anyone and happily will.  We don’t just talk this, we walk this. Recently, we asked our team if there should be an individual incentive…and got a hard “no, this is a team”!  In short, we act like a family.  This affects you because…yes, we treat you like that too. We wouldn’t be here without you!  We work extra hard to make sure you have a great vacation!  Our repeat business and referrals help us greatly – thank you!

On the entrepreneurial side, this looks different than most travel agencies.  

We are very active in the marketing arena and as a result, we have clients from all over Canada and the US. We are actively in touch with executives in travel to arrange special offers for our clients and then put them in the market place, rather than just publishing what they sell everywhere, though we sell those too.  Much of what we market is exclusive fares, packaged up to offer exceptional value.  It’s a lot of work to do this kind of marketing, but you are worth it!

What do we specialize in, you ask?  (Our name is misleading 😊)

Hence the logo of CruisePlus Travel & Tours….We specialize in premium and luxury cruises, tours, all-inclusive vacations, hosted journeys and,… safaris. Dave would figuratively shoot us if we forgot safaris, as this is his specialty!  Our team regularly trains to stay up to date with our travel suppliers’ latest, and some of our team have passion projects such as luxury travel design, Disney, Australia, New Zealand, etc.  All of this expertise is freely shared within our team.

The CruisePlus Story

The CruisePlus story starts, as it does with most journeys, with passion and commitment: a passion for travel and the commitment to help other people realize their dreams of exploring this fantastic world we live in. To CruisePlus owners and Co-presidents Dave Frinton and Shelley Good, traveling is like breathing and is an integral part of their lives and the lives of their children. In fact, with the amount of family time and family adventures travel has given them, they wouldn’t trade it for anything. Dave and Shelley’s understanding of the world has been totally changed and formed by what they’ve been able to see, taste and experience from travel.  The number of different cultures visited, their exposure to history and the fantastic scenery they have had the privilege to experience with family and friends has provided them with a lifetime full of incredible memories.

At CruisePlus it is our belief that everyone should have the opportunity to travel and that when that opportunity arises, you should be able to experience the vacation of a lifetime! With this belief in mind, our CruisePlus family is dedicated to doing our very best to ensure your travel experiences are the best they can be. This is why at CruisePlus we do our best to treat everyone the exact same way we would want to be treated: in a friendly and hospitable manner with importance and with undivided attention and care. In short, just like a member of the family!

It is the unwavering commitment to world-class personal service that is at the heart of Shelley and Dave’s dream. Our attention to service is what has allowed CruisePlus to be one of the most highly rated travel agencies in North America as well as the winner of multiple customer service and sales performance awards. Our loyal clientele, however, is the true backbone of our business. The majority of our business comes not only from repeat customers but also referrals to family and friends from our outstanding clientele. It’s this network of clients and referrals that has allowed CruisePlus to forge long-lasting and wonderful relationships with those members of our extended family that continue to honor us with their trust in arranging their vacation dreams.

Award Winning Cruise, Leisure and Luxury Travel Professionals

We are an Ensemble Elite member, with consistent top 10 performance and have won awards from Viking Cruises, Princess Cruises, and Holland America Line.  One of the highlights of early 2020 was receiving an award from Holland America Line for putting 100,000 passengers on their ships, which is a big deal!  This matters to you because our team knows their stuff, and part of that is because of frequency and volume.  The more you sell, the more you know.

Accredited & Trusted

For over 22 years CruisePlus Travel & Tours has been trusted by thousands of Canadians & Americans who believe in our top notch customer service and value. We specialize in world wide cruise travel packages, all-inclusive vacations, escorted tours & safaris. Discover the CruisePlus difference!

We're a close team of travel experts!

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