San Francisco has only one drawback – 'tis hard to leave

San Francisco is a bustling hub for excitement and activities attracting people from all over the world. Whether you’re a foodie, an outdoorsy type or anything in between, travelers rejoice and consistently praise this city for catering to everyone. In this post, we're going to narrow down the seemingly endless list of activities while in this beautiful city down to just a few of our favorite must-see attractions and activities.

The Golden Gate Bridge

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Of course, you’ll see this one coming, but it doesn’t make it any less incredible... You must travel across The Golden Gate Bridge. You can bike or drive across the bridge 24 hours a day but you may only walk across during designated daytime hours. At the time it was unveiled it was the longest suspension bridge in the world, while it no longer holds that particular record it does hold the one for the most photographed bridge in the world. When you think of iconic bridges this is the first to come to mind. Don’t forget your camera!

Cable Cars

Next on our list of incredible things to do in San Francisco is to hop on board the last remaining manually operated cable car systems in America. A historic treat and National Landmark, they are a great way to get great views of Nob Hill, Fisherman’s Wharf, Russian Hill and of course the bay. An insider tip is to sit facing the east side of the cars to get the best views. At $7 one way or $17 for a day pass it’s a great way to get around the city enjoy the spectacular views it offers.

Check out the San Francisco Cable Car Museum


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Why not take a tour of one of the world’s most iconic prisons? Better yet... Why not take a night tour of the facilities? The island fortress of Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay was originally a lighthouse then converted to a military prison in 1934 eventually housing some of the world’s most infamous criminals. Of course, you can take a day tour but if you’re after the night version, don’t forget to bring a jacket as the heavy fog is common year-round.

Sea Lions & Pier 39

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In October 1989 the Loma Prieta earthquake hit San Francisco, an interesting thing started happening shortly after... A few California sea lions started hanging out on Pier 39’s K-Dock. Much to the dismay of marina attendants by January 1990 they started arriving in larger and larger crowds. It's unknown why they chose this particular spot to hang out but ever since they’ve been delighting visitors, making it a part of our favorite things to see in San Francisco. Take in the views from this scenic pier, meet the sea lions and enjoy this popular tourist attraction.

Botanical Gardens

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For the outdoorsy types and those looking to just reconnect with nature, you must visit the San Francisco Botanical Gardens in the Golden Gate Park. The gardens are particularly special due to its ability to recreate different climates such as that of Asia or New Zealand allowing for diverse plants the thrive. Elsewhere in Golden gate park, you'll find The California Academy of Sciences where you can tour the earth, ocean, and space all in one trip. For those seeking arts and culture while in the Golden Gate Park, you're in luck. The de Young Museum showcases American art from the 17th to the 21 centuries, contemporary art and art from Central and South America, the Pacific and Africa.

This post merely scratches the surface but maybe it gave you an idea or two while you're in this incredible city. As always when you book your vacation with cruise plus, ask our knowledgeable travel agents for insider information about activities and sights in your ports and destinations. 1-800-854-9664

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