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Delve Into Destinations with Land Tours and Long-Stay Offers

Maybe the cruising lifestyle isn’t for you or maybe you just want a change from your regular cruise vacation. Here’s where our CruisePlus land and long-stay vacation packages can fulfill your desire to completely envelope yourself in the cultures and customs of your vacation destination. Enjoy living like a local mingling with the residents and enjoying the same restaurants, beaches, nightclubs and much, much more as you completely give yourself over to the lifestyle and culture of your destination vacation.

If you’re the kind of traveler that wants to see it all and totally immerse yourself in country’s culture, then our long stay and land offers are the perfect opportunity for you to explore the world. By sightseeing on your own or as part of a hosted group, you’ll have the opportunity to visit stunning local attractions, historical buildings and witness the day to day of the local population. Only through immersive experience can you truly appreciate another culture (or discover your own family history) and these offers are the perfect vehicle for discovery.