Friends & Family Program

Exceptional Value for you and those traveling with you!

Friends & Family Group Travel Program

We’re hoping you will be keen to book your personal and group travel with us. Should you be interested in leading a group of family, friends, fellow hobbyists, those with similar interests or organization members you will love how we can work together and the savings you will see.

Group Discount
Sliding scale discount based on group size
Best Current Promotions & Incentives
Receive the best current promotions & incentives from travel partners
Group Special Events, Addons & More!
Our package team can also work with you to add some special events, tours, pre and/or post-stays, air or other travel components to make your trip even better.
Returning Host Special Fares
After you lead or host your first group, you will be eligible for very special fares on select departures
CruisePlus Rewards Diamond Level
Your future personal travel will elevate you to our Diamond CruisePlus Rewards

I'm Interested! What's Next?

There are a few things you will need to consider in order to maximize your benefits and receive the best possible value.

Consider the following

Larger Groups = Larger Discounts
Our program offers a sliding scale for the host with only 2 rooms (usually 4 people) in addition to you.  The more people you attract to travel with you, the better the value you receive.
Longer Duration = Larger Discounts
The most generous options are for longer duration (10 - 35 nights)
Balcony & Higher Staterooms = Better Incentives
In order to qualify for the best possible incentives, balcony staterooms and higher normally offer better incentives and group amenities.
Specialty & Unique Itineraries
Consider hosting itineraries that are culinary-focused, wellness-focused or special event focused to access special group events.
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