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I’ve experienced both the Riviera and Marina in the Mediterranean. The brand new Vista is set to sail summer 2023 – all 3 of these ships are small in today’s cruising world (approx. 1200pax), but big enough to have plenty of the amenities that you want from premium plus ships.

"Foodie" Cruise Line

Known as the “Foodie” cruise line, in addition to their self-serve Terrace (with lobster every night should you wish!), or their grand dining room, you have 4 specialty dining restaurant choices (with no extra charges) on these luxury vessels. They do have a special “La Reserve” fine wine and dining experience that is extra and fabulous.

Their smaller ships (at 680pax) Nautica & Sirena are beautifully refurbished and are able to visit lighter capacity ports in Europe as well. They don’t have all the dining options offered every night, but certainly cover the bases on your voyage to make it an exceptional experience.

Country Club Casual

Oceania is country club casual every day – there is no need to put on a jacket and tie, which I personally appreciate. While I understand that some travelers like formal nights on cruise ships, this is becoming less of a priority these days.  A pair of Docker type pants and an open collared shirt is fine for the gents and ladies can dress comfortably.  If you still like the idea of dressing up you will not feel that you are out of place for doing so.

The clients are generally pretty well healed but don’t showoff.  There’s a vibe that’s kind of hard to describe, but to me feels higher end, but in a very comfortable and non-pretentious way. During the summer months especially there are family groups onboard but the majority are boomer or slightly younger folk that want a less hectic vacation experience.

World-Wide Itineraries

CruisePlus has a very special relationship with Oceania and adds value on any of their world-wide itineraries over and above what the current promotion might be happening when you book.  Bottom line is your dollars go father with us. Pricing is a bit more than premium(4 to 4.5 star brands), but this higher rated experience actually often works out to be very similar at the end when you consider air costs (included in their price should you wish) and with some of the extras you don’t pay with Oceania.  Even their transportation to the centre of town at each port saves a lot, and you don’t pay for soft drinks, water, smoothies, etc.

There is quite a selection of 2024 Mediterranean departures and itineraries to consider.  Italy, Spain, Greece & Croatia make up the bulk of the port countries.  With so many choices, you should be able to find the perfect (or pretty darn close) sailing.  My advice is to go a little off season if you’re looking at Rome, Venice, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Santorini,  Athens and Dubrovnik as examples as mid-summer can be very busy and likely to be very hot as well.

Exclusive Perks with CruisePlus

CruisePlus also has a new exclusive deal for travel planners. If you organize the bookings for even as few as 2 other rooms besides yours, you will save significantly on your host room on most Oceania cruises. Whether you are leading for friends and/or family, or are part of any common interest, membership or hobby group, you will clearly see our value proposition. Please contact us for details by calling and asking for the group department or by email at

We’d appreciate if you call us for a quote and I think you’ll be happy booking with our team of non-commissioned professionals. No matter if you’re ready to explore now or are just in the dreaming stage, be sure and sign up for our weekly emails and/or join us on Facebook or Instagram.

Feel free to ask for me if you wish. When I am not abroad ask our receptionist to arrange a time to chat personally if you have questions about travel you are considering. I’m not managing bookings, but I am a good place to get some advice.

Have a look at past and future writings at Ask Dave along with short travel tips and a podcast we did with Oceania VP Tricia Wolf.

Cheers for now and thank you for reading this!

Dave Frinton, founder

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