Covid-19 - Your Health & Safety is our #1 priority

We may know travel – but we don’t know Covid–19.

Things to Know

For questions regarding travel restrictions, and due to the ongoing and rapid changes in prerequisites for entry to each country, we recommend you check all rules and regulations before booking travel to your chosen destination. This page provides some of the links for Canadians and Americans – please visit the official website of the country of your passport issuance.  Be aware that the regulations may change at any time without notice and could affect your ability to travel or to return to your originating destination.

We recommend you bookmark the following web pages, or the similar pages of the country from which your passport is issued.

Passport, Visa & Health Information

IATA Travel Center: Click Here

Government of Canada Covid-19 Information: Click Here

Government of Canada Travel Advisories:  Click Here

US Government Covid–19 Information:  Click Here  

US Government Travel Advisories:  Click Here  

Also Before You Book

Visit the official websites of the countries you intend to visit.

Insurance Coverage

INVESTIGATE YOUR INSURANCE COVERAGE, which may not be available to cover the risks of Covid–19 and other risks at this time.

In Person & Zoom Appointments

Most of our business is conducted by phone or over the internet, but if you miss us – we are available!

½ hour in-person and Zoom appointments can be arranged by phone or email.  

For in person appointments we can only accommodate one appointment at a time, and we ask that you and our team member wear a mask.

Thank you for keeping our business safe!

We appreciate your support, and look forward to assisting you!