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13 Jun

Top Tips For Better Vacation Photos

We all want those perfect vacation photos, those photos that are not only incredible memories but give us bragging rights. It used to be that you had to have expensive, complicated and cumbersome camera equipment to really nail the shot. Nowadays everyone can be a pretty great photographer. We all have smartphones and devices with some fairly high-quality cameras ready for the action. In this article, we’re going to cover a few tips that will give you the competitive advantage when taking snapshots of those memorable moments.

 The Equipment

It is no longer absolutely necessary to have a DSLR camera to capture the perfect sunset or scenic landscape. Smartphone camera technology has come a very long way in a short amount of time. Every year they get better, and as a bonus they allow you to easily upload those images to social media or send them to friends via text or email. That being said a DSLR camera will almost always provide a better resolution photo, which is best if you want to print and frame a photo to hang on your wall. We don’t recommend that people use tablets or an iPad, the reasoning here is that they are often slippery and cumbersome. They are better suited to viewing images rather than taking them. Choose whatever is available or convenient for you, even a disposable or compact camera is better than missing those memories.


Tips and Tricks

Whatever your camera choice may be, let’s talk about some things you can do to improve the images you take. Do not leave your camera behind, bring it everywhere, we can’t stress that enough. There’s nothing worse than missing that special moment because you’ve forgotten your camera somewhere along the journey. If we’re taking lighting into consideration, any photographer will tell you that taking photos during sunrise and sunset will often provide a beautiful lighting for the subject of the photo. Try your best to avoid blurry photos by stabilizing the camera. This can easily be accomplished by purchasing various tripod accessories or simply placing your camera on a solid object before taking the photo. Tripods are available for just about any device and assist greatly with stabilization. It’s also good practice to line the camera up to natural lines in the photos subject to avoid skewed images.

Be Prepared

It’s a really disappointing feeling when you have a split second to capture an incredible moment and realize your device can’t store any more photos. If you’re bringing a DSLR camera be sure to bring extra memory cards. (and batteries!) If you’re using a smart device transfer the photos to another device or a cloud service if at all possible. You’ll always want plenty of space on your device because we recommend above all other tips, take as many photos as possible!

What to Shoot

Now we go over some of the things the best vacation photos have in common. Landscapes and scenery are a great way to capture a visual memento of a destination. The best ones are zoomed out and show as much detail as possible. Wildlife is a crowd pleaser, especially exotic and rare species. Some of the most beautiful and thought-provoking vacation photos are images of locals and action shots. (Be sure you have permission before taking photos of strangers.) We’re in no way opposed to taking photos of your dinner but we do recommend it only for special occasions. Lastly, keep on the lookout for architecture. Awe-inspiring architecture is always admired and typically paints a beautiful picture of history.

Bonus Tip

– Bring a microfiber cloth along with your device and clean the lens before taking any photo. This guarantees the best and most clear pictures.

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