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128 Day Viking World Cruise

Embrace your inner globetrotter by sailing around the world and soaking in the collage of the world's most fascinating countries, islands & cultures!
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128 Day Viking World Cruise

CruisePlus Package

Miami to London

January 3, 2019

Viking Ocean Cruises Viking Sun

Collect more travel milestones than most people do in a lifetime on this grand voyage of discovery. Explore five continents, some of the world’s greatest cities, charming smaller ports and idyllic islands. Marvel at the natural grandeur of beautiful coastlines and immerse yourself in new cultures. Sample diverse cuisine and enjoy a range of excursions that provide meaningful encounters with real people, insight into their daily lives, glimpses of the working world, and Privileged Access to once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

What we are Including

  • 128 day cruise
  • FREE Business Class air from select Canadian gateways with transfers
  • Deluxe Veranda stateroom upgrade
  • Visa service, silver spirits beverage package including virtually all drinks on board
  • Complimentary shore excursion in every port
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi, 24-hour room service
  • Access to top-rated spa & state-of-the-art fitness center
  • Taxes & more
  • Viking exclusive: $1000 US per person onboard credit
  • CruisePlus exclusive: $5775 US per person onboard credit
Deluxe Veranda
From $68,895pp*

*Book by May 31, 2018!

All pricing is per person, based on double occupancy and in CAD


Miami to London

Day 1 - Miami, United States
Miami is a seaside city of ivory-white high-rises and intimate neighbourhoods.
Day 2-3 - Cruise the Caribbean Sea
The waters of the Caribbean Sea, witnesses to history, once bore ships carrying sugar to the New World.
Day 4 - San Juan, Puerto Rico
San Juan is home to white-sand beaches and rich Spanish colonial architecture.
Day 5 - Scenic Cruising: The Leeward & Windward Islands
The Leeward and Windward Islands grace the cobalt Caribbean Sea like a fine emerald necklace.
Day 6 - St. George's, Grenada
Grenada's capital, St. George's, exudes a blend of British and Afro-European cultures.
Day 7 - Cruise the Atlantic Ocean
Following Columbus's journey across the Atlantic Ocean in 1492, countless explorers set sail for the New World.
Day 8 - Ies du Salut, French Guiana
Devil's Island was once a much-feared penal colony for notorious French criminals.
Day 9-11 - Cruise the Atlantic Ocean
The first European to cross the Atlantic Ocean, the Viking Leif Eriksson reached North America around the year 1000.
Day 12 - Recife, Brazil
Linked by some 50 bridges, coastal Recife has been called the "Brazilian Venice."
Day 13 - Cruise the Atlantic Ocean
Medieval Europeans believed "there be dragons" beyond the Atlantic Ocean's glaring horizon.
Day 14 - Salvador de Bahia, Brazil
Salvador de Bahia served as Brazil's first capital for 200 years and to
Day boasts a colourful Old Town of pastel-hued architecture.
Day 15 - Cruise the Atlantic Ocean
Based in Greek mythology, the Atlantic Ocean's name means "Sea of Atlas."
Day 16 - Armacao dos Buzios, Brazil
The tranquil beach resort of Armacao dos Buzios gained notoriety after Brigitte Bardot visited in 1964.
Day 17 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro is the peak of Brazilian culture, the center of the nation's most inspiring art and architecture.
Day 18 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Exhilarating Rio de Janeiro boasts scenic natural beauty, from long crescent beaches to dome-like mountains.
Day 19-20 - Cruise the Atlantic Ocean
The Atlantic Ocean is believed to be the earth's youngest, formed during the Jurassic period.
Day 21 - Montevideo, Uruguay
The eclectic capital of Uruguay, Montevideo is set on an estuary of the Plata River.
Day 22 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Argentina's capital is a vibrant and eclectic mix of Latin and European influences.
Day 23 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Birthplace of the tango, Buenos Aires is one of the Americas' most energetic cities.
Day 24 - Punta del Este, Uruguay
Punta del Este is renowned for its glamour and seaside resorts.
Day 25-26 - Cruise the South Atlantic Ocean
The mighty Atlantic Ocean separates the Americas from the continents of Europe and Africa.
Day 27 - Port Stanley, Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
The Falkland Islands comprise almost 800 small islands, with tiny Port Stanley as their capital.
Day 28 - Port Stanley, Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
The isolated and sparsely populated Falkland Islands is a British overseas territory.
Day 29 - Cruise the South Atlantic Ocean
The Southern Atlantic was known as "the Aethiopian Ocean," after ancient lands, as late as the 19th century.
Day 30 - Ushuaia, Argentina
Often referred to as the end of the earth, Ushuaia is the most southern city in the world.
Day 31 - Scenic Cruising: Cape Horn
As you cruise around Cape Horn, its highest point soars from the Jurassic volcanic rock of Hornos Island.
Day 32 - Scenic Cruising: Beagle Channel
The breathtaking Beagle Channel unfolds in an endless canvas of soaring mountains sloping down to pristine shores.
Day 33 - Punta Arenas, Chile
Punta Arenas is nestled amid spectacular mountain vistas on the scenic Brunswick Peninsula.
Day 34-35 - Scenic Cruising: Chilean Fjords
Lush with soaring, river-laced glacial peaks and forested islands, the Chilean Fjords are an untamed paradise.
Day 36 - Puerto Chacabuco, Chile
Located at the tip of the dramatic Aisen Fjord, Puerto Chacabuco is a gateway into the Patagonian wilderness.
Day 37 - Scenic Cruising: Chilean Fjords
Renowned explorers such as Magellan and Darwin sailed among the Chilean Fjords.
Day 38 - Puerto Montt, Chile
Settled by Germans in 1853, Puerto Montt exudes flavours of Old Europe amid magnificent Andean vistas.
Day 39 - Cruise the Pacific Ocean
When Ferdinand Magellan crossed the Pacific Ocean, he dubbed it Mar Pacifico, meaning "peaceful sea."
Day 40 - Santiago (Valparaiso), Chile
One of the largest cities in the Americas, Santiago enjoys a splendid setting at the foot of the Andes.
Day 41 - Santiago (Valparaiso), Chile
Santiago's impressive neoclassical, neo-Gothic and art deco architecture spans centuries.
Day 42 - Cruise the South Pacific Ocean
The Pacific Ocean is the world's largest ocean, covering more than 63 million square miles.
Day 43 - Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile
The ruggedly mountainous Robinson Crusoe Island lies 416 miles off the Chilean coast.
Day 44-47 - Cruise the Pacific Ocean
Soon after Magellan's sailing, five Spanish galleons carrying some 400 explorers pioneered a westward crossing of the Pacific Ocean.
Day 48 - Easter Island, Chile
Home of massive moai stone figures, Easter Island is the world's most remote inhabited island.
Day 49-54 - Cruise the Pacific Ocean
The Pacific Ocean occupies a larger area than all land regions of the world combined.
Day 55 - Tahiti (Papeete), French Polynesia
Tahiti is one of the world's most visually stunning and romantic destinations.
Day 56 - Bora Bora, French Polynesia
Magnificent, lushly forested Bora Bora is the gem of the Society Islands.
Day 57-58 - Cruise the Pacific Ocean
The Pacific Ocean was once called the "Sea of Magellan," after the explorer who first crossed it.
Day 59 - Cross the International Date Line
Crossing the International Date Line is a time-honoured travel milestone long marked by ceremony.
Day 60-61 - Cruise the Pacific Ocean
The Pacific Ocean is home to most of the world's islands; they total about 25,000.
Day 62 - Bay of Islands, New Zealand
Charming Russell is home to a scenic waterfront and quaint colonial-era buildings.
Day 63 - Auckland, New Zealand
Rich in heritage, Auckland is the cultural capital of New Zealand's North Island.
Day 64 - Auckland, New Zealand
Set between two glistening harbours, Auckland is known as the "City of Sails."
Day 65 - Cruise the Pacific Ocean
The longest east-west measurement of the Pacific Ocean is 12,300 miles, half the world's circumference.
Day 66 - Wellington, New Zealand
New Zealand's capital of Wellington is splendidly set between mountains and sea.
Day 67 - Cruise the Tasman Sea
The legendary Tasman Sea lies between New Zealand and Australia.
Day 68 - Cruise the Milford Sound
Pristine and primeval, Milford Sound stretches for almost ten miles from the Tasman Sea.
Day 69-70 - Cruise the Tasman Sea
British Captain James Cook explored Tasman Sea waters in the 1770s.
Day 71 - Sydney, Australia
Spectacular Sydney is celebrated for its magnificent harbour and iconic Opera House.
Day 72 - Sydney, Australia
Sydney's The Rocks is an inviting harborside district of restaurants, galleries and shops.
Day 73 - Sydney, Australia
A major cultural center of Australia, Sydney is beloved for its free-spirited nature.
Day 74 - Cruise the Tasman Sea
Marco Polo wrote about "Beach," a land overflowing with gold in the Tasman Sea.
Day 75 - Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Tasmania is known as the "Apple Isle" as it is one of the most prominent apple-growing areas in the world.
Day 76 - Scenic Cruising: Bass Strait
The Bass Strait, between Australia and Tasmania, is dotted with more than 100 islands.
Day 77 - Melbourne (Geelong), Australia
Set along the scenic Corio Bay, historic Geelong is home to old mills and warehouses restyled into art galleries and shops.
Day 78 - Cruise the Indian Ocean
Long before European colonization, the Indian Ocean was one of the ancient world's great trade routes.
Day 79 - Adelaide, Australia
Often called a "city within a park," almost half of Adelaide comprises green spaces.
Day 80-81 - Cruise the Great Australian Bight
The Great Australian Bight stretches some 720 miles along Australia's southern crescent-shaped shore.
Day 82 - Albany, Australia
Surrounded by a dramatic rocky coast, English-flavored Albany was established in 1826 as a military garrison.
Day 83 - Perth (Fremantle), Australia
Perth is home to one of the world's largest city parks, Kings Park and Botanic Garden.
Day 84 - Perth (Fremantle), Australia
The cultural and political capital of the Western Australia state, Perth hugs the banks of the Swan River.
Day 85-92 - Cruise the Indian Ocean
Portuguese, Dutch, French and British galleons all crossed the Indian Ocean to establish trade.
Day 93 - Port Louis, Mauritius
A tapestry of Indian, British, African, European and Chinese traditions converge on Mauritius.
Day 94 - Cruise the Indian Ocean
The Indian Ocean is a rich source of seafood, especially tuna and shrimp.
Day 95 - Fort Dauphin, Madagascar
Madagascar is an unspoiled oasis of dense rainforest, magnificent beaches and exotic creatures.
Day 96-97 - Cruise the Mozambique Channel
Countless ships have sailed the Mozambique Channel, from Arab dhows to Portuguese galleons.
Day 98 - Maputo, Mozambique
Mozambique's thriving capital, Maputo is known as the "City of Acacias" for the many trees along its avenues.
Day 99 - Durban, South Africa
Durban is a fascinating blend of Zulu, Indian and post-colonial influence.
Day 100 - Durban, South Africa
Durban is graced with stately Victorian touches, from the old Town Hall to the tree-lined esplanade.
Day 101 - Durban, South Africa
The largest Indian population outside India calls Durban home.
Day 102 - East London, South Africa
South Africa's only river port, East London was founded by the British on the Buffalo River in 1836.
Day 103 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Stretching along scenic Algoa Bay, Port Elizabeth is known as the "Friendly City."
Day 104 - Cruise the Indian Ocean
The Indian Ocean's endangered wildlife includes the dugong, a seagrass-grazing herbivore related to the manatee.
Day 105 - Cape Town, South Africa
Cosmopolitan Cape Town is the gateway to the dramatic coastal splendour and a thriving wine country.
Day 106 - Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town is a rich cultural convergence of African and European cultures.
Day 107 - Cruise the Atlantic Ocean
The underwater Mid-Atlantic Ridge divides the Atlantic in half, closely following the ocean's S-shape south to north.
Day 108 - Luderitz, Namibia
Lüderitz is a fascinating juxtaposition of German colonial architecture and rocky desert hills.
Day 109 - Walvis Bay, Namibia
Walvis Bay is the gateway to Swakopmund and the beauty of the Namib Desert.
Day 110-116 - Cruise the Atlantic Ocean
As the Atlantic Gulf Stream crosses from North America to Northern Europe, the water temperature falls as much as 36°.
Day 117 - Dakar, Senegal
Dakar exudes the rich authenticity and vibrancy of the real Africa.
Day 118-119 - Cruise the Atlantic Ocean
From the late 15th to the 19th centuries, the Atlantic Ocean was a bustling avenue of conquest and trade.
Day 120 - Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
Fertile and green, Spain's Canary Islands overflow with exotic flora spilling down mountainsides.
Day 121 - Cruise the Atlantic Ocean
The pivotal German Meteor Expedition of the 1920s measured Atlantic depths between South America and Africa.
Day 122 - Casablanca, Morocco
Casablanca offers an enchanting mix of neo-Moorish splendour and French influence.
Day 123 - Cruise the Atlantic Ocean
With the first transatlantic telegraph cable in 1858, messages could be sent between continents in just 17 hours.
Day 124 - Vigo, Spain
Known as Spain's "Gateway to the Atlantic," Vigo is steeped in a history that dates back to the Romans.
Day 125 - Cruise the Atlantic Ocean
The North Atlantic Gyre was a great "wind wheel" that carried sailing ships between Portugal, Morocco and the Azores.
Day 126 - Scenic Cruising: English Channel
The famed English Channel separates southern England from northern France.
Day 127 - London (Greenwich), England
Upriver from maritime Greenwich, London bustles with a lively culture and royal glamour.
Day 128 - London (Greenwich), England
Maritime Greenwich is a gateway to historic London, seat of the British monarchy.

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