Antarctica is the southernmost continent and contains the South Pole.  It is approximately 2 times the size of Australia, but much of the recorded continental size is ice shelf and the landmass is much smaller.

Antarctica is the windiest, coldest, and driest continent – much of it is Polar desert and has not seen rain in approximately 2 million years.  This seems at odds with some of the coastal regions which record large amounts of snow.  It also has the highest average elevation at 8200 feet, with the largest peak of Mount Vinson at just over 16000 feet.  The average temperature in the coldest part of the year -63C.  

Even after the discovery of Antarctica, it did not become a booming destination.  Exploration and surviving in this hard climate was an incredible challenge.  Luckily today, we can visit in safety and a style of accommodation that was not possible back then.  

So why is it a big deal?  It’s gorgeous!  The pictures I have seen are amazing!  The prisms of light off snow and ice are something to behold, the wildlife is fascinating, and from what I hear, pictures truly do not do this destination justice.  An attitude of adventure and a great camera, along with binoculars, is a must for this destination!

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