Explore East Africa!


I am writing this only a couple of days after my 9th trip to East Africa. We had a fabulous 16 night itinerary of Tanzania and Kenya and I loved the 20 people who joined me. It was a great compliment to me that 6 of those people had joined me for almost the identical itinerary before. I can’t tell you enough about how much this part of the world has grabbed my heart and my “animal intensive” photo safaris are something I just don’t seem to get sick of.  I come home with another 1000 pictures and wonder why I even bother bringing a camera, as when I add them to my collection I have enough lion, cheetah, leopard, elephant, giraffe shots already – yet the new ones have their own new memories and I manage to remember where each were taken.  I think I must be addicted to this part of the world and I know that I can give you the best advice on what kind of itinerary would be best suited for you.

Unless I’m away, I will personally discuss safari options with you. The problem may be that you may not be able to shut me up as my passion seems to overflow when someone asks me for advice. I’m technically mostly retired these days, so I may not be available the minute you call, but if I’m in town I promise to get back to you within a day at the latest.  If you call our main office, please make sure they have the correct phone number and email address to contact you and perhaps some suggested times you want me to return your call.

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