Quick Tips

  • Work offline as much as possible and use the internet only to receive and send important communications.
  • Set your email to fetch, rather than to automatically download.
  • Turn off non-vital apps and make sure they’re all set to NOT update automatically or refresh in the background.
  • If you’d like to use the internet frequently you might consider buying a package that fits your needs. Packages are often priced at a reduced rate compared to pay-per-use fees.
  • Avoid peak times. For the best experience use the internet when others are not. Early morning or during the day when others are on excursions and you’re relaxing in your stateroom are often the most optimal times. The fewer people using the internet the faster and more consistent it will be.
  • Turn your mobile phone off or switch to “airplane mode” as often as possible. This will stop calls and texts from reaching you, yet still, allow you full use of features like the camera
  • Check with your service provider well in advance of your trip about roaming charges and potential packages for when your ashore in various countries
  • Ask your friendly CruisePlus Travel & Tours Consultant for more details about your cruise & connection to cell service and the internet while vacationing with your favourite line!