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Each week, CruisePlus sends out a series of travel newsletters to our subscribed loyal clientele. Our exclusive emails focus on some of the best deals of the week, upcoming offers including both cruise and land packages as well as last minute “pack your bags and go!” specials that you’ll want to take advantage of immediately!

Featuring cruise only offers, cruise packages, land tours and more, we handpick the best offers of the week and feed them directly to your inbox so you can get the first view of CruisePlus’ industry-leading travel pricing and packages.

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CruisePlus Regular Email – Tuesdays

Coinciding with our CruisePlus Top Picks of the Week, this email features the best of our handpicked cruises and CruisePlus packages. Exciting itineraries and unmatched pricing, this newsletter offers a glimpse into our most popular offers and is our most popular email.


CruisePlus Special Email – Thursdays

As the title alludes to, this weekly newsletter is crafted to present what we consider to be our most special offers and often follows a common theme throughout the offers. With focuses on river cruises, similar destinations and even exclusive supplier offers, this email is constantly offering something new and exciting and is definitely one you want in your inbox.


CruisePlus Land Email

Offering adventure, exploration and often guided sight-seeing, our land offers promise to take you on a journey to new lands where you can immerse yourself in another culture and dive into the lifestyle of the locals. Zipline through a tropical canopy, tour the ruins of a world long gone or just enjoy the relaxation of the beach… our Land Newsletter presents you with a multitude of options in a wide variety of destinations.


CruisePlus Last Minute Email

Able to travel at a moment’s notice to a variety of destinations? Then our CruisePlus Last Minute Email is for you! “Pack your bags and go!” is often the catchphrase that accompanies the offers on this email and as such, you’ll often reap incredible savings by being able to travel without the restrictions of planning well in advance. Adventure awaits with every offer in this newsletter with the only tough decision being which of the fantastic destinations will be the one you choose!


CruisePlus Special Events Email

Occasionally, we at CruisePlus have the opportunity to invite our clientele to exclusive information and education sessions that provide insight into destinations and the kinds of services our travel partners offer. Learn more about our Hosted Journeys, Land Tours and itineraries and what you can expect from your cruise or land tour and the types of onboard amenities, activities and shore excursions available. If you would like to be notified and invited to these sessions, please sign up for our email!


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